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Leaders are Readers!

I'm not a marketer (oh well, I wasn’t), and copywriting is not my bread and butter. Let alone that English is only my third language… True, I started by using the pre-approved ads in the SFI resources. That's how I got my first MIQs, after all. Although I carefully selected the ones I preferred and made combinations, I was still not very convinced myself with the ads I was submitting.
Mind you, I saw hundreds of ads out there. Have I stressed enough how important Reading is, especially in your starting steps?? No, I haven't. May I repeat that Leaders are Readers, Gery Carson's preferred motto and that you'll have to Learn to Earn?
Lots of shouting out there. Tons of exclamation marks, of capitalized words (THE BEST BUSINESS ON THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!), of untrue statements, (“Guaranteed Income!”), of orders (“Make your dreams come true!”). I was disgusted, but was absorbing my materials at the same time. Gradually I got convinced about the potential in SFI, then I discovered that including Sfidboard threads in my emails (true testimonials by real people) was producing a lot more MIQs, so I decided to create truthful titles and descriptions based on the information I get from SFI.
I had already learned that writing in capital letters is "shouting" on the Net. Bad manners, that is, no one wants to be shouted at. Exclamation marks are considered poor advertising. I read the rules governing ad placement on major sites like the Open Directory, Overture, Yahoo etc that weren’t allowing hype.
Note that some (serious) sites will even reject your ad if it includes words like “best”! Don't worry, there is always a policy page before you submit your ad. I also got great help from this e-book, a masterpiece, well known to all Net marketers “Make Your Words Sell” that I highly recommend (it's under the SiteSell products).
If you have completed SmartStart, explored all the links at the Sfimg.com site, read some articles in your IAHBE site and are regularly going through the SFI newsletter, you will find the words that will make your title attractive and unique. Remember, that your ads must get SFI approval, just send them to me and I'll get back to you in no time. I may even make corrections and suggestions on your ad. If you are not ready for that yet, just use the pre-approved SFI ads.


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