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Finding your first keywords

OK so you've decided what the product you want to sell will be. You should never forget that while this is probably an SFI product, the method of finding keywords is the same whether it's car accessories, baby clothes or golf equipment.

To get on with a concrete example, let's assume that the product category is "nutritional supplements", since this is what I myself decided to start with. I will strongly advise you to follow the instructions with this keyword first and to apply the method to your own product after you've got your feet wet.

As you may know, people are looking for keywords on the Net. Although they may discover sites accidentally while navigating on other sites, if they are looking for something in particular, say vitamins - this is what they will type in the search bar. However, they may also find it while navigating on a mall or a search engine. Their product-keyword may be listed under a more general category - let's say "Health and Fitness" and they will just click on it. Anyway, that's how they will most likely access the sites they are interested in - by either clicking or by typing in KEYWORDS.

But do people type in ONLY this keyword when looking for this kind of product? Well no, they search MANY more keywords than this one. For example, they search for "vitamins" or "health information", or "energy", or "vitamin supplements", "antioxidants" etc etc.

Furthermore, they may be looking initially for "diets" or "best weight loss program" and end up buying vitamins!

Hasn't this happened to you too? You may have entered a department store with the intention of buying an umbrella and you came out with a new raincoat!

Do you start getting the picture?

Thaaat's it! You need to build a collection of keywords that people are using to reach YOUR site. So your campaign will be based on these particular keywords but that's NOT the only reason why you need this list. There's a second reason, even more important, that I cannot elaborate on at this stage.

In a very few words this keyword analysis will help you build relevant optimized pages that will make your website compete with the other sites listed on Google's first page. You will also enter keywords in your meta tags but this method of optimizing pages is now old-fashioned. Keywords within text are more important than meta tags keywords.

Let's learn how to find those keywords:

One way is to use your imagination. That's VERY IMPORTANT! That's how you may differ from the crowd and believe me, there are not many people knowing how and WHY they need to do that!

Just think: what other keywords could be related to "nutritional supplements"? Here's an array: "bodybuilding", "nutrition", "diets", "obesity", "depression" - the list can be endless, since half of the population is certainly interested in health and fitness in one way or another.

Please don't panic. You are not alone in your search - the WordTracker will now assist you in your search.

The first step consists of creating a collection of around 200-300 keywords based on the primary keyword "nutritional supplements". I don't know if you have used the WordTracker before but this is a tool that you must get acquainted with. It's NOT as difficult as the Adwizard - in fact it is WAY easier to use. You are going to use many - but not all - of these keywords AFTER you have put them into an excel sheet so as to be able to sort them both by name and by number of clicks.

So let's get on with the WordTracker!

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