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You can make your own website
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In my experience, starting a home based business requires you first get your feet wet with the online marketing methods. Trying to make your own website at this early stage could be equated to going for a University degree without a high school diploma! Or, since I'm probably not discussing with a teenager, imagine you open a shop for women's clothing. You find the building, decorate it with taste - does that guarantee your future success? Nope, you still need to learn about products, fashion, competition, management, what you will put INSIDE your store, that is.
You cannot play symphonies until you have first 
mastered the notes. (Dr. Edward L. Kramer)
The same holds when you make your own website. You can build a page with the best graphics, animated images, impressive logos, flash objects - you still have to fill it with CONTENT. In my opinion, you can make your own website only when you have acquired knowledge and experience on the subject "work at home - internet marketing". Furthermore, it is common knowledge among online marketers that Search Engines don't give credit to "decorations", they even dislike them, they really get irritated with them sometimes! Indeed, I very often see computer geeks gloriously fail in Internet Marketing for this reason. make your own website
The important issue is not how to make your own website, but to learn how to get listed on the major searches. We will talk about that in my "advanced training" - in the meantime you can move on with the gateways SFI is providing you, which are very professional, much more than whatever you can accomplish at this early stage by yourself.
Please note that some great earners never cared to make their own website, they still always use their gateways. YOU can also postpone this for a later date, just be aware that you can get all the help you need on the SFI website as well as my personal coaching and advanced training if you are EA. You CAN make your own website in the future, like for example one of our top Leaders did (Erich) - he started his business with no computer or marketing skills whatsoever. Erich, a very perseverant guy, cowboy built his business with a lot of patience and enthusiasm and I personally learned a lot from him.
Hence, my advice to you would now be: Just adopt Gery Carson's favorite motto if you plan to succeed with SFI:
Leaders are Readers!
This is a step by step process - learn each method one by one in a sequence - don't start with the most complicated methods, but with those you know or have learned how to use. I have not accidentally chosen as first topic "offline advertising" for my "Marca" intermediate training help: This is something you can do NOW without any knowledge.
Always remember, that I myself started exploring the site building field AFTER wink having secured a respectable monthly income. I can PAY MYSELF the luxury of spending time I would otherwise devote on promoting.
Meaning that my income increased every month until its highest point in December 2002, then it stabilized because as I said I got involved in building which kept me busy for 6 months, then I moved on to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the most exciting part in online marketing.
Indeed, you have to slow down promoting greatly if you want to make your own website and promote it free of charge to the major SE, unless you have 8 hours free daily to manage everything. I am talking about a professional website, not the personal type of page that you can make in one day beuk through any free service.
Going back to my own story, I also had to give up "moderating" our Sfidboard, like most experienced SFIers are unfortunately doing when there's nothing else for them to learn there, but it's my intention to return (unofficially, like before) as soon as I'm finished with my websites. Official or non-official moderators are volunteers willing to angel sacrifice a lot of their free time.

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OK that's enough with me, let's go back to YOU!
Assuming you reviewed Smart Start thoroughly, I will now recommend that you go through all the links at the Sfimg.com menu - enter with your ID and password, go to "My Account", then click on "Training" - that's where the "Internet Income Course" is located. You may find the lessons a little difficult to absorb - I personally didn't understand much in my starting steps, especially those following chapter 8. Don't worry, it will all clear up as you go on with practicing. But GO THROUGH IT ALL, and absorb whatever you can without getting drowned into too much detail, of course.
I'll be waiting for you to read the Lessons and get back to me with SPECIFIC questions on the materials you've covered.
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