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Outdoor advertising for online beginners

Since this chapter on outdoor advertising is addressed to beginners in online marketing, here is an observation:
Apart from Gery Carson, I don't know of any other successful affiliate having started as a professional and experienced business person in the field. All of us were beginners and many (myself included) joined a little after they got an e-mail address. Some did not even own a computer.
The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying
away small stones
Outdoor advertising is an excellent way to start this business while you learn working online. As a beginner I was finding difficult to design a work plan and often found myself spending too much time on one area while neglecting another. I was asking myself: what do I do first? frown Study a little more, place some ads, read the Sfidboard, write some letters?
I chose the hard way and I now admit it paid off. I didn't go to the Discussion Board before I read almost everything: SmartStart 3-4 times (I even printed it), the Internet Income Course another 2-3 times - I never understood the last lessons until many months later, when I downloaded a template at our Dboard Resource center! In the second month I started advertising online to...the mad wrong sites! (Will go into this in more detail in "Marca on Free Classifieds")
I also did some outdoor advertising with limited success, because I am located so far away from the US. I knew I should not spend too much time on outdoor advertising because of the language problem here and because I can't have the offline products dispatched here. After all, I joined in to work at home, not outside! My first EA finally came from an ad placed in a local free classifieds newspaper! greenie
The quickinfo or the moreinfo was a very...ugly url and difficult to remember. I could not understand why Gery Carson gave us such horrible urls - almost impossible to use in outdoor advertising. I had tried some other businesses before and the domains were looking like this: http://www.thatbusinessdomain.com/mynameormyID. I liked those urls, they made me feel as a proud associate of these companies. Why on earth...
Well, I only realized the reason spin when I switched from offline and outdoor advertising to online advertising.
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