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The best you can give to your pets is a healthy, natural life, and leave most to Nature with a minimum amount of fuss. But there are times when your canine companion deserves the highest quality "pet care" products available in the marketplace. We have carefully selected products that meet high standards. You can use them confidently knowing you are providing your pets the very best.
Canine Super Potency Megavites & Colostrum Chewables
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Pet nutrition
Canine Buffered Aspirin Chewables
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Canine Synoviflex Joint Health Chewables
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Pet shampoo
Pet Shampoo
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Your puppy or your dog may become bilious when absorbing food either unsuitable or too rich for pets. He may have problems in matters of diet and digestion, skin troubles, mange, eczema or various parasites. Furthermore, dogs are seldom really free from worms. In fact, it's a good idea to have your pet checked and evacuated by dosing the older dogs at least twice a year.
Your pet may have suffered an injury, may have had surgery or some other illness that requires an aspirin product. Dogs may not get all the nutrition they need for good health from the food they eat. Megavites chewables have been specifically formulated to make sure your pet is getting all the nutrition necessary for continued good health. Or, your best friend can get hurt and they do age with time. These problems can result in continued stiffness and joint pain. When this happens reach for our Synoviflex joint health chewables. Your pets will get pain relief, better mobility, and you will get peace of mind. Finally, our Pets Shampoo, an all-natural, tearless and enriched pets formula helps relieve itching and dry, flaky skin. This Veriuni formula conditions and moisturizes, leaving your pet's coat silky, smooth and shiny. Provides lots of lather yet rinses easily. Gentle enough for frequent use.
Get all these quality products at our Pet Care department.
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