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The Account Page in the resources site

Today I am going to talk about "My Account" page at the Sfimg.com resources center and how you can use it to make your business more productive, and to ensure that everything is properly credited to your account.
Winning starts with beginning    (Robert Schuler)
First, login to your Account page by going to the Sfimg resources: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/showIndex.
Once you have input your ID and password your Resources Account page will popup. Let us take a look at this page. The first thing you should see is "Welcome, Your Name!" at the top right and your affiliate ID number. If you are already EA look at the small letters under your ID number: "Current SVP: 10". The svp should be at least 10 if it's the 12 - 31 of the month but if it's between the 1st and the 10th or the 12th of the month your order has not been processed yet, just wait for the indication to show on the correct date.
Let us take a look at your first resources, your ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Click on "change account info". Going down the form, make sure that each piece of information (name, address, city, state AND COUNTRY, even for those in the U.S.A.) is correct. If you have a business name rather than your personal name for your SFI account, but you want your checks made out to you, then you need to fill in your name where it says "Make checks payable to". Decide if you want your commissions to accumulate by clicking on the link and reading the explanation. I suggest you also have more than one credit card on file in case there is a problem with your primary card. SFI will charge your primary card only, unless there is a problem, then they will charge the secondary card. You don't want to lose out on banked shares and commissions because your credit card had a problem. Once you have made all of your changes, click on Update Account Data.
Next is the data about YOUR UPLINE TEAM. You will see your sponsor and their email address, and then of course you will see me listed as your Team leader if you are in my powerline (as I said earlier, many PTLs outside my powerline have found these courses to be valuable, and have subscribed to them).
After this comes the MISC. resources section (Miscellaneous) and "Create, Change or Cancel a Standing Order" on top. That's the place to go to become Executive Affiliate if you cannot sell a 10 svp product retail (to a non-SFI affiliate). Under this is the E-mail manager, which gives you the option to de-select notifications you don't wish to receive (I wouldn't de-select anything if I were you). Then come the retrieve password section, the opt-out section and the auto-deposit form if you're interested.
On the top left of your Account page, under the MAIN MENU we have your gateway websites under "View/Edit Gateway". If you have completed Smart Start (which everyone of you reading this course better have completed yesterday) then you will also have the link showing your actual Gateway. Go ahead and click on it. You will then be taken to a page showing all of your Gateway pages. These are the links that you can advertise to work at home - sell SFI Products and Services or to promote the SFI Affiliate Program.
Under your gateways you can see "My Reports" section, where you can first decide how you want to view your Genealogies. I strongly suggest that if you are already a PTL you select Sponsored Genealogy as the place to start. If you are not a PTL then you cannot yet view a Powerline yet. For initial sort method you have the following options:
Default - Shows your personally sponsored affiliates in the order that new affiliates are added, both in your parent and your personal powerline (if you are PTL).
Last Name - Shows your entire Powerline listed in alphabetical order by last name. Under the SORTS column you have 6 options if you click on the little arrow. Choose "Last name" and click on the "Sort" button.
Similarly, you can choose to view your list by current svp or previous svp (svp earned in the previous month).
If you want to filter more your results, you can also use the FILTERS on the left column. For example, let's say you want to find all affiliates you sponsored with the keycode "81". Select "key code" under "Filter by", then put "81" into the filter box then click the "Sort" button.
Going back to "My Reports", under your Sponsored Genealogy, you can see your Prospects report, showing the latest prospects and the number of reminders they have received. A Prospect is someone who has registered for the SFI Affiliate Program but who has not yet VERIFIED their registration. Double Opt-In is a term describing SFI's affiliate registration process. Simply put, double opt-in means that after someone signs up for the SFI Affiliate Program, SFI will send them a verification e-mail. This message contains a special link that the new sign up must click to verify their desire to become an SFI affiliate. Until this person verifies the registration, the new sign-up will not go into the SFI affiliate database and the person is not considered an SFI Affiliate.
Under your Prospects report is the option for you to download your affiliates list and finally, the Opt-Out report lists your affiliates having recently left SFI.
Ah, the best section on the page, MY COMMISSIONS.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join in here.

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