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Poems by Nguyen Kim Lan

Our Powerline's Niche is hosting Nguyen Kim Lan's poetry book, "A Moment of Sorrow". Hopefully a SFI team mate or a visitor may want to buy it. The price is US $ 20 including handling, freight and taxes, to be paid by or by money order (ask for Kim's ).
Here is one of Nguyen's poems:

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Love, Nguyen


A Poem For Canada Day by Nguyen

O Canada, my second country
First nation where I chose to come and live
With my glowing heart, I admire you every day
With my gentle eyes, I look at you every night
On the tower, I spend a lot of time
I stand and observe the territory around
It looks like diamonds twinkling in the blue sky
O Canada, my second country
I love you and show gratitude to you
Canada is our foster father
The proverb says
"Where liberty is, there is our country"

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