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Eating popcorn

T. Guilbert wrote:
Guy buys a live chicken and carries it home. On the way, he passes a theater showing a film he's always wanted to see but never had the chance before (Volga-Volga, perhaps).
Alas, the engagement ends that day, the last show is about to start, and he's still a half hour from home.
He goes to the box office but is told "you can't bring a chicken in here." And he really wants to see that show. So he ducks into an alley, tucks the chicken into his pants, and buys a ticket. After all, the resultant bulge is below the ticket seller's line of sight. And in he goes.
As the house lights go off, he starts to worry that the chicken might suffocate, so he opens his fly and the chicken pokes its head out. Shortly thereafter, two young women sit down next to him.
"Sadie," says the woman next to him, "this guy has his fly open!" "So?" says her friend, "you seen one, you seen 'em all."
"Yeah -- but this one's eating my popcorn!"


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