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Starting a home business with SFI

Unfortunately Hotmail blocked most mail coming from the FreeAutobot and other auto-responders. Hence, my introductory training help is not forwarded starting a home business to most Hotmail users, perhaps also not to Yahoo and Aol subscribers. Whereas starting a home business with SFI does not require any special knowledge, most of my teammates appreciate any help they can get. Hence, I would strongly advise you to put the domain "sfinco.net" into your safelist (or "Contacts list", or "Address book") in order to be able to receive any special announcements - you never know, perhaps providers will listen to our requests and respect our contacts address books in the near future... Obviously, you should also put the domain "sfimg.com" in your safelist.
Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a
good, firm, push (Author unknown)

I always like to keep in close contact with my new teammates in their starting steps to see if they have any questions concerning the SFI Affiliate Program. Unfortunately, I cannot send manually all my letters to everyone - I was doing that when I was also starting a home business and for over a year, but now... my downline grew too large to be "handled" manually.. And I don't want anyone to miss anything.
Those of you having received the letter "Your Gateways" will perhaps continue getting my follow up by email, but if you haven't, you have no other choice, but read through this website. Please don't "jump classes" - starting a home business involves reading and acting too. Go through the links contained in this large white central column, especially those leading to specific forum threads where you can find interesting information on starting a home business with SFI, presented "live" by real people, older and newer, more or less experienced, but REAL people.


The most important thing to do now is to enter the E-Mail Checklist site - if you are not connected immediately after you login, go to "Training", then to "E-Mail Checklist". Scroll down and take the steps required depending on who your email provider is. Put the SFI domain (Sfimg.com) into your safelist, and please put mine too! (Sfinco.net)
Now... if for some reason you have not received your SFI ID# and login info - please ask me to send you this important information but you may perhaps want to try to get it yourself through the "more HELP" Sfimg site.
If you have not had the opportunity to activate your website and/or complete the SmartStart program please do this at your earliest opportunity. Once you have completed SmartStart, you may get additional help by visiting our forum. Next you may move on to the first suggestions on starting a home business with SFI.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to work at home and join in here.

First steps

 #1 - Starting a home business with SFI.
 #2 - Your SFI Gateways and how to make sure you get your mail.
 #3 - Welcome to SFI, by affiliate Billy Martin.
 #4 - Billy's course for SFI affiliates.
 #5 - Completing Smart Start, by Billy Martin.
 #6 - The Account Page in the resources site.
 #7 - Billy about commissions and the Contact Manager.
 #8 - Historical data about my home based business.
 #9 - You can make your own website in the near future.
#10 - Do some offline advertising while learning Online Marketing.
#11 - Outdoor advertising for online beginners.
#12 - Marca on: Offline Advertising.
#13 - Flyers - how to use them and MissEllen's flyer.
#14 - Getting EA.

Training help for registered SFIers

Introductory #A1
Marca on:
Starting a home business with SFI

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