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Can you find real work at home jobs on the Internet?

It is amazing how many applications for a "real job" we are receiving here at Sfinco.net. Before elaborating a little more on Joe's business, let's put things straight right from the start. For those looking for a "real job", yes, there are many, listed by location, by industry, or by category but these are offline jobs, at real offline companies, for work outside your home, that is.

Work at home jobs paying you a monthly salary simply don't exist, period! Some assembly jobs advertised here and there are really not worth your time Oh well and will never pay you decent money.

The questions we most often receive are "How to work at home on the Internet" or "How do you earn money online", "What kind of work at home jobs are you offering?", "what are the ways to make money at home". Many people think there's an automated system whereby you click on some button or enter your name into a link to start cashing in easy money, like some say, while you sleep!

Unless you consider winning the lottery or being
the beneficiary of a large inheritance, there is
no such thing as "get-rich-quick" or "something
for nothing" (Gery Carson)

Work at home jobs offered are mostly scams

You could find some programs offering you a few cents "to read emails". I joined one in my starting steps, but didn't earn one cent. The program soon disappeared anyway. Or you could fall for the stuffing envelopes "work at home job" - send in the $40 they are asking and wait to receive the big "secret" Bubble that would make you rich. You would get the $40 course that promises to pay you $1.75 for every envelope you could stuff, and you could send them as many as you want. The catch is having to spend a lot of money on placing ads for the exact same scam which is older than the Net. Way back in the seventies, when people would send you a request you would cut off their return address, stuff it in an envelope, and mail it to this company but then too, you had to advertise for them. They were willing to pay the $1.75 because enough people would fall for the same scam and send $40.00. Are you calling this a work at home job? I don't.

There are other programs asking for a fee to join in, then your main task is to refer other people, just like the old chain letters you were perhaps receiving by post, remember? You were encouraged to send a postcard or money to the first 3 people on a list and after some time you would theoretically receive cool thousands of postcards or thousands of $$$.

Indeed, many Internet driven referral programs are built on the same pattern. If there are no products/sales involved Alarm! Danger! They are  illegal!  And otherwise called "pyramid schemes", which are about making money off the act of recruiting. Other "red flags" as to whether something is a pyramid scheme are:

  • Are there products being retailed?
  • Are the products retailable?
  • Can you earn money if you don't recruit other distributors?
To be a legitimate home business company, the answer should be YES to all three.

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